FS: Two Yamaha QT50s

One red and one blue. one 79 and one 82. 79 has been upgraded to use three-position keyswitch and harness, etc.

Re: FS: Two Yamaha QT50s

Just too many damned projects, and this one is almost over the hump. Carbs have been cleaned and rebuilt. Not sure of the tanks' condition. Just some final assembly and you'll be on the road. Red one ran when I got it, and should run once the carb is back on it.

Make me an offer I can't refuse.

Re: FS: Two Yamaha QT50s

if your coming up to minnesota i'd buy 1 for either my '75 tomos sport or $ 170 once i sell it email me and postsome pics

Re: FS: Two Yamaha QT50s

Coming up to Minnesota? Dude, he's from Eugene, Oregon. For some reason, I don't that trip is in the works.

Re: FS: Two Yamaha QT50s

doesn't hurt to ask...

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