small dirt bike fork

i need more ground clearance on my chappy so

im looking for an air or hydraulic pit bike fork for a pit bike or small dirt bike it has to be at least 24 inches long but no more than 30 inches

anything i dont care about make YZ80 CR80 125 anything like that

Re: small dirt bike fork

those are all way too tall! look for a 1985 honda xr75 they should be perfect

Re: small dirt bike fork

i need about 30 inches long about the same as a yz80 a little longer no problem 24 inches is the shortest id want

i looked on ebay and i cant find shit for a good used one and the new pit bike forks are too expensive

Re: small dirt bike fork

CR80 fork tubes on General 5-star trees (machine the trees 2mm larger) - Hint - relacing the CR80 hub to a Moby rim gets you a disk brake if you use the later CR80 disk setup - I kept the drum for the oldie look


Re: small dirt bike fork

that looks great

im staying with the chappy wheels and my friend is going to machine me a couple disc brake adaptors

i have a nice mono shock set up in the rear now i just need a nice fork on the front

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