Circlip Pliers

Has anybody found a good set of circlip pliers that will work on all sizes instead of buying a whole set.And whats the difference between internal and external?

Re: Circlip Pliers

Oops.Wrong forum.Sorry

Re: Circlip Pliers

As long as you asked, I just got this out of a bin at Northern Tool, it's called a Combination Internal-External Snap Ring Plier Set. It comes with 4 interchangable ring pliers. I don't remember what I paid for it but it had to be a good deal or I wouldn't have bought it.


Re: Circlip Pliers

Timmy Southpark /

those are like $13 at autozone

Re: Circlip Pliers

Jerry Franek /

Don't work on my Moby. I bought the French curved pliers from Handybikes which do.

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