WTB: assorted motobecane stuffs

Nothing rings in the new year like someone trying to steal your moped... failing, then just smashing it up instead...

so, my quest for replacements begins! Looking for a round headlight, a speedo, tail light and pedals (yeah.. they managed to take a pedal off)

any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: WTB: assorted motobecane stuffs

I've got a speedo I would give you for shipping cost - doesn't have a cable.

Re: WTB: assorted motobecane stuffs

I have a speedometer with a a bit of rust on the chrome bezel, the metal part that holds the speedometer is white. I also have the round headlight bucket which is useable, it is white, then I have a very rusted headlight bezel, no actual headlight itself. You want to pick this stuff up for $10 in CT? I can provide pics.

Re: WTB: assorted motobecane stuffs

Oh well technically I have a headlight, it is blown out, so if you don't plan on doing any night riding you can still look like you have a headlight...

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