wtb:used perf puch exhaust

sell me your used, super ugly (or nice?) non stock puch exhaust...really just about anything if you want to get rid of it I will probably buy it. I know I can buy one new for not outrageous but I like recycled parts whenever possible. Have items for trade as well if interested! Lemme know what you got!!

Re: wtb:used perf puch exhaust

I've got a nice BiTurbo. 40 miles old, it's as new, no carbon. Has a little blue-ing on the header (As all used chrome exhausts have) Chrome is nice and shiny. The only "downside" is that there's a scratch on the muffler, but it's barely noticeable when installed.

Shipped for $64 but shipping might turn out lower. If it does turn out lower, I’ll refund the excess shipping charge.

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