F/S moped frame 150 bux

i'm selling my moped frame, it's a modified tvr frame, it has no title, or even vin number, basically it doesn't exist to any state.

it will fit a morini engine or with further modification just about any moped engine.

i'm thinking 150 bux seems a fair price for just the effort i put into this thing. and because of the no vin/title thing that's all i'm asking for it.

has never had fuel in the tank, brand new tires/tubes 12v headlight and taillight bulbs(was going to modify it to accept a tomos engine), the tank and the handlebars are home-made as are the fender cut-outs. it looks pretty, but i'm working on something else now.

no shipping (duh) it's in Pennsylvania near Philly.


Re: F/S moped frame 150 bux

bump for a sweet looking bike

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