wtb tomos motor

i need a motor for a new project

Re: wtb tomos motor

bump for a great buyer

Re: wtb tomos motor

Re: wtb tomos motor


I could start parting one out...

Linda needed a cover. If you didn't need a cover she'd appreciate it.

Piston free, good compression.

Let me know a fair price + shipping.

Re: wtb tomos motor

hey john if cocoloco doesnt want it i might have a friend that is interested, any thign else wrong with it other than missing the cover. Thanks


Re: wtb tomos motor

im looking for a newer one



Re: wtb tomos motor

nothing "wrong". both peds need coils and one might need points. I think I explained it all on the other post.

I sold the seat off one ped. I just thought if somebody did not need the cover I could help somebody else out.


you can use my regular email, instead of this post.

Re: wtb tomos motor

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

want to sell me a rear wheel?

Re: wtb tomos motor

terry I have a real gold mag if you are interested...shoot me an e-mail..Im in the process of moving so I may be a bit delayed in responding...

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