Puch parts #2

I've still got some stuff left, so here's a lil re-list.

I'm in the Netherlands, so please mind that shipping costs can be steep!

$12 to $34 for packages up to 2 kilo (Depending on size, I charge $34 and pay back the difference after shipping)

$46 for packages up to 5 kilo

$76 for packages up to 10 kilo

$142.50 for packages up to 20 kilo

What's still available:

Biturbo with golden silencer. 40 miles old. Is as new. Little blue-ing on the header and a barely noticeable scratch on the silencer.

Pics make it look dark, but it’s nice & shiny chrome.


1x 15mm Bing intake


The model on the left

2x cylinder heads.

1st: Not that nice, has small pitting. Still usuable. Nice to machine yourself.


2nd: Looks good. has a bit of carbon build up.


50cc open intakeports. Good cylinder with good piston.


I can also get a lot of parts if necessary. Things like mags etc. are going slow ATM, as I don't have a lot of time to haggle with people, but smaller parts can go fast. Let me know if you want something.

Re: Puch parts #2

ATM? Ass to mouth?

I'd like some 5-stars shipped for $220. Let me know if you can make that happen.

Re: Puch parts #2

I want a korrado/maxi z-one CDI, if you can score one of those.

Re: Puch parts #2

How much would shipping be on he Biturbo and the intake combined?

How long have you used the pipe? Any carbon build up?

Re: Puch parts #2

I'll take that red and white Puch!! $100?

Re: Puch parts #2

$34 max. Biturbo weighs 1350 grams. But as it can be mailed, shipping might be cheaper.

The pipe has been used for 2 weeks or so. No carbon at all, just a lil coloring.

Re: Puch parts #2

At The Moment.

And send me an e-mail about the 5-stars. I've got a lot of request and no supply at the moment. So you might have to wait a while for em.

Re: Puch parts #2

Will look into it. Drop me an e-mail if you want ;)

Re: Puch parts #2

Yeah, sure. Shipping will be $1500 ;)

Re: Puch parts #2

Email sent about the 50cc open port top end.

Re: Puch parts #2


Everything still there

Re: Puch parts #2

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

how much for the biturbo shipped to San Luis Obispo, CA 93401?

Re: Puch parts #2

How much for the 15mm intake to Greenland, NH 03840...This is the one that is not broken and darker in color correct?

Re: Puch parts #2

Biturbo shipped will be $30 + $ 34 shipping, but shipping might turn out lower. If it does turn out lower, I'll refund the excess shipping charge.

Re: Puch parts #2

The intake would be $6 + $12 shipping, so $18.

And yes, it's the darker model on the left, not broken or anything.

Re: Puch parts #2

Email sent about 15mm intake

Re: Puch parts #2

Hey SchijnHeilig I was just wondering if you got my email about payment for the 15mm bing carb.

Re: Puch parts #2

Nope, haven't received an e-mail.

And I'm already all out of 15mm carbs, all I have left in the intake devision is a couple of 12mm intakes, one or 2 12mm carbs, 1 15mm intake and maybe some Dell'orto SHA's, but I would have to check on that last one.

I do know that I will have a 16mm Dell'orto SHA for sale soon.

Re: Puch parts #2

Sorry SchijnHeilig..I meant the 15 mm intake, I accidently wrote carb instead. So what is your email or how would you like me to send payment for that darker colored, non-broken 15mm intake? Do you have a Paypal account I could send it to or would you like me to send money to your address? Let me know...Thanks man.

Re: Puch parts #2

Drop me an e-mail at happyday4you@hotmail.com and we'll close the deal :)

Re: Puch parts #2

Email sent...Let me know if you got it.

Re: Puch parts #2

I used my hotmail account (cw77zz1@hotmail.com) not the one on my profile

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