FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Excited!

So I just moved, which sucked, because I have to much stuff, moped and otherwise. So I'm getting rid of stuff I don't want/need. This is the first installment in a series. Today I have 3 objects of interest for you, I'll start with the most exciting.

1 Garelli 3 speed manual VIP style short block. That's right, manual. Crank is free, tranny clicks through all the gears, everything works. Except the clutch. Mostly because there is no clutch. If you want to use this little gem, you're going to have to source a clutch, most likely from Europe. The platter/driven gear is present, but it lacks the friction and slip discs, springs, top plate, clutch pin, and assorted hardware. Note the cute little gear box oil dipstick. Note the super sweet tear drop side cover, only tranny side included, but hey, that's the important one, right? Previous owner removed cable shifter and replaced it with a suicide job welded to the shaft. Should be fun. The second 'sprocket' is the kickstart engage. If you set this up with a 2 chain system, like a puch, you could drop it in 1st and bump start it, keeping the real moped feel. That was my plan at least. These things pop up on Italian ebay every now and again, and polini used to make after market clutches. No stator or mag, but it takes regular ass VIP electrics. I'm asking $130, shipped, firm.









1 Garelli NOI short block. Bearings seem good, no electrics, complete good clutch, good big end in crank. Only problem, a previous owner thought he'd grind on the crank rather than on the woodruff key to make the two fit. May work, may not. I haven't tried it. You have to use a bigger woodruff, clearly. A project for the daring - or - a parts engine with good studs, pinion, driven shaft, pedal internals, post '80 tranny cover with drain screw, but not side plug and last but not least a complete, good clutch, which may or may not be worth it's weight in gold. Asking $50, shipped.





Finally, we have 1 ugly blue fairing from a SSXL. Condition is alright, missing rubber grommets, rusty on the inside. Came off a 1977 SSXL. No real dents, paint is pretty good, will probably clean up, but I hate them and didn't feel like it. Decals in ok condition. Could potentially make the worlds coolest front fender. asking 10 + 8 shipping, sorry it's high, but the thing weighs nothing and is huge, making for funny bulky postage.




Act now, while I still have boxes from moving! Coming as soon as I find them to take pics, 1 mystery zeta kit, more fairings, and probably another NOI engine plus other moped crap I don't want!

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Exci

Also, I can be reached at zack.ver.9@gmail.com. Should prolly include that...

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Exci

Please enlighten me on where you've seen a replacement clutch disc set for one of the Garellis?

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Exci

Polini made a pressure plate and a set of springs for the manual VIP style engines. A big no go for moped engines, unfortunatly. Saw one on italian ebay nearly a year ago, coincidentally, about a month before I bought the three speed. would have been terribly useful.

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Exci

Come to my house and see how NOT useful this stuff is. The crank, rod, stroke and piston is different in a manual engine (for 2 types of older style ones at least), even though it appears to be a VIP. I'm attempting to get some pistons machined to fit these cylinders for an Avanti project. It's taking forever.

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Exci

So you moved huh Zach, what else ya sellin?

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Excited!

I have a 4 speed one. I put the VIP top end on, it runs, but now I need to open it up, see if I need a different piston ( or use my Avanti top end)?

Re: FS: Garelli 3 speed engine and more! Get Excited!

13 years later. ^^^

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