Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

This custom Vespa is for sale, and can be ordered on demand.

What you see is a basic model. The idea is that the client tell what he likes, and we will built it for! Anything is possible, the sky is the limit.

So not just colour or airbrush, but also the materials used or the shape of othe bike.

The bike can be delivered at your adress. For more informatioon you can have a look at

Or contact me at

Greetings from Amsterdam


Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

not only is that god aweful bike ugly, it's a scooter. your barkin up the wrong tree dude.

Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

hey now chance, i think that thing looks pretty sweet...for a scooter.

i like what you're doing, but its true you're in the wrong place, and i dont know if anyone wants to have a scooter shipped from the netherlands.

Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

Sorry for being in the wrong place.....if I new how I would take it away....Grtz

Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

I like it. Looks like it took a lot of effort and thought. Great work, nice to see something different!


Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

It does look pretty good, never seen a bobber-scooter before.

Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

Re: Custom Vespa from Amsterdam

wow! I think you just added a scooter to my most wanted bike list! that looks really sweet! wish I could afford something like that. nice job. I don't really think this is in the wrong place. This is custom work and not just something that someone bought to ride until it died then throw it out.


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