FS Cateye Turn signals

This came off of a G3 I bought. It was hardwired in to the headlight and I know when I was trying to start the G3 to get it running one of the blinkers would blink. I didn't test the whole system. Seems to be in pretty good shape except for one broken light as shown in the attached picture. Has all mounting brackets for the front. The rears were held in place by electrical tape. Obviously you would need to do something better. The wires have been cut but I'll throw 'em in the box. Make an offer for these. I'm guessing $7.50 to ship?


FS Cateye Turn signals

C'mon. I don't want much.

Re: FS Cateye Turn signals

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

pssst! e-mail...

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