Wanted: Puch ZA50

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I want a ZA50 that isn't totally dead internally. I don't care about the piston, cylinder or head, just the internals. Not rusted or broken please. If you have ZA50 clutches as well, I am interested. I am going to build one of these up for super speed. Any ZA50 internals are welcome!

Have no fear of the 2 speed!


Re: Wanted: Puch ZA50

i have clutches, motor has only 1000 or so miles on it but the crankshaft bearing blew. do you want the clutches?


Re: Wanted: Puch ZA50

i have a za50.. with a fresh jug and head.

it turns freely but needs a new piston. no bearing noise at all

Re: Wanted: Puch ZA50

Dave Peterson /

I also have a ZA 50 that could be rebuilt. Skipjaz

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