WTB: a35 main shaft & and shims

I've been reading for a while but this is my first post to the forum. I bought my first moped 3 months ago, now i have 4. The info i've got from you guys has been a big help. I was hoping someone had a main shaft to a tomos a35. At least i think that is what i need. Its the gear the front sprocket connects to. I found it on mopedjunkyard but i was hoping someone had a used one for cheaper. I attached a picture of the part. I also need to know what the proper sized shims i need for it and where i could get them. Thanks for your help.



Re: WTB: a35 main shaft & and shims

If you happen to want a brand new piston & rings for your Tomos A35 I have one available..let me know if interested.

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