2000 Tomos lx for sale

Northern NJ willing to transport 50 miles from 07444

I'm selling my 2000 Tomos LX because I'm getting a car soon. I just put a lot of money into new parts and it looks almost new. It runs GREAT!!! The moped tops out at 43 mph!

New parts: Pedals, plastic upper right and lower right, plastic upper left, rear lens, gas cap, front tire, stickers. About $250 worth in parts! The engine has never had a problem and I don't expect any.

The milage is 3700 but I bought this moped used and at times the speedometer has stopped working for a day or two and it will start working again.

Additional Note...Any moped listed over 50cc can not be registered as a moped in the state of New Jersey. Also, any moped without pedals is not legal in New Jersey. I have the title in hand. Insurance cost $100 dollars a year.

That's it, runs strong and has never given me a problem.

$700 firm (please don't waste my time emailing me with an offer of $500)

Mrpeables@gmail.com Please leave a phone number.


Additional photo

Additional photo


one more photo

one more


Re: one more photo

whew steep price.

gl selling.

Re: one more photo

nah, thats a quality ped there. and for not too bad of a price. sure you could get the same model moped in nj for about $4-500, but it wouldn't be in such good condition and ready to go. that looks like it has under 1000 miles still. also, in this area, people selling them in this condition usually ask for rediculous prices like $900+

i hope you get what your looking for, i know i'm going to recommend this to a few friends of mine who are looking for peds.

Re: 2000 Tomos lx for sale

im interested but mite not be able to get u all the money till christmas.

ill probably post again within in the next week or so and tell u.

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