76 piaggio for sale

I have a 76 piaggio & C.spa for sale, originally it was yellow . It has been spray painted over flat black by a 13 yr. old boy & it doesnt look good. The bike will start & run but not smoothly I belive it needs carb. work or could need a engine rebuild. to start it you have to pedal the bike pretty fast. the lights work as well as the horn. also the carb. leaks some gas, tires hold air it has 04092 miles on it. I'm not really sure what it is worth

call me @ 760-801-5849 or emailgrpweld@yahoo.com if interested


Re: 76 piaggio for sale

Thats a decent looking Ciao that youve got there. very basic Vespa moped. I would say 200 bucks is a good offer considering what it needs, maybe less if it has no title.

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