1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

Yo mopedarmy I'm out the game and am selling my bike to local sf/bayarea already posted on craigslist if anyone is interested call me or post here.

Bike :1978 puch maxi mkII, 65cc polini, 15mm bing,techno boss, port matched e50, clean tank, custom projector headlight, Drop bars, magnum front end with custom disk brake setup, bike seat on there right now, Have re upholstered long seat, snowflake mags, custom ignition switch with key, no switches, No pedals pegs instead. Have every single stock part that came off the bike when it was first acquired with only 127 miles on the odometer. Its all yours come and get it, CASH ME OUT. 700 b/o. I have no pic's of the bike but if you search threw the site im sure you can find some pics of the bike. Heres the post about the disk brake. All it needs is a bike cable for it to work. https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/read.php?f=1&i=378583&t=375068


Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS


Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

so what's the deal, is it running? any issues that need attention, big or small? i'm local and may be interested, just need all the details - thanks.

Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

Cleats Onionpockets /

So what's the deal? What has prompted you to give up the moped scene? Did you get a larger bike? A car? A pair of nunchucks? what?

Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

Ive been had a 250 ninja so a bigger bike wasn't the thing. Also had a car so that wasn't the thing. I don't know when I blew the crank on my 2spd thats when I stopped caring. I couldn't find a 2spd any were so I just ported and rebuilt a 1spd motor, that thing was nothing having the 2spd polini allowed me to ride to places i need to go but the 1 spd just wasn't doing it. Plus I need the money for a turbo setup on my car.

Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

what kinda car you got?

Re: 1978 puch maxi. POLINI,BING,BOSS

95 civic ej1, with a jdm d15b sohc swap, 3inch header back piping, lowered 2in on tokico blues with suspension technique springs. Bout to install a rear sway bar. Looking into piecing together a turbo and running 10psi

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