Puch Newport Parts needed!!!

Hi there, i am currently working on restoring a 1977 PUCH Newport and i am in need of a few parts to get the basics done.

1. Original 40 MPH Speedometer

2. Speedo Cable

3. Possibly a new Speedo Drive

4. Original Engine Run/Off Switch

If anyone has these items, please let me know and if you had a picture of it too that would be awesome! thank you.

Re: Puch Newport Parts needed!!!

Hey Kyle,

The speedo I have is a 30 mph unit and it is a little rough around the edges. I'm sure it could be cleaned up and it is very usable. I do have the cable, drive (assuming you mean the piece that goes on the wheel), and I do now have a spare on/off switch...it's the plastic type off my '78 Newport as I just replaced it with an oval CEV. It is just the switch however...does not have the lower plastic mounting piece.

If you're interested, please drop me an Email with an offer.



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