1980 pacer for sale

Selling my 1980 pacer. It doesen't run (i'm not good with these things but im sure it's not much) the carb is squeeky clean blah blah im not sure whats wrong with it. I'm thinking $350? This is a great ped, just have no time to get it to run.


Re: 1980 pacer for sale

Nice looking ped.Did you buy that from Jon.If its just that you have no time there are a million other mopedders in GR maybe someone would help you.Just throwing that out there.


Re: 1980 pacer for sale

yeah i did buy it from him. Well it's not only that i don't have the time to fix it, i also desperatly need the cash. otherwise i wouldn't sell it at all cuz it is a niceeee ped.

Re: 1980 pacer for sale

wow that is so clean and nice.

Love the color.

Free up.

Re: 1980 pacer for sale

E-mail sent.

Re: 1980 pacer for sale

that is a nice ped and it has the reed valve morini engine wich is a damn good engine

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