WTB 12mm Puch/Bing inlet pipe

Hey Folks,

Since it looks like I'm gonna be putting the Maxi S back together here, I'm gonna need a carb inlet pipe for it. I have a carb, although it's a Bing from a Sachs, but I _think_ it will work.

Please let me know how much you would want for one...I'm not looking to spend a lot on this bike at all. I also have a Sach's inlet pipe that I'd be willing to trade.



Re: WTB 12mm Puch/Bing inlet pipe

You want an intake? then yes, I have a 12 mm intake. 5 bucks plus shipping. email at stooves03@yahoo.com

Re: WTB 12mm Puch/Bing inlet pipe

Hey Jake,

I'll keep it in mind, but last night once I got the case cleaned, I noticed some serious stress cracks in the case -AND- I busted a ring on the piston...I'm not sure I'm going to get this thing going now....gotta think about it for a bit.

Once I make up my mind, I'll drop you an email and let ya know.



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