I am looking for a new or used moped in good condition a nice looking moped that doesnt look like a bike and is under 1200 dollars please post

Re: moped

All mopeds look like bikes. No moped, unless its brand new, will cost you 1200 dollars. I think you may be thinking scooters. In which case you might not have the best luck here.


Re: moped

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

You're in NJ, you can get 6 mopeds for $1200.

Re: moped

for realz! or you can go come to chicago and buy a proped for that that already goes really fast, and is put together very well. look in the photo section, if you see one you like you can have it for 1200

Re: moped

I see no proped!

Re: moped

i meant he could buy any moped in the photo section to mod up fr 1200

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