WTB Motobecane Variator

Looking to buy a stock variator for my Motobecane. Will pay fair price! Complete working units only. Email me at mike_alanko@rogers.blackberry.net with your terms. Shops welcome!

Re: WTB Motobecane Variator

go to treats HQ on ebay, i believe he has one, last i checked

Re: WTB Motobecane Variator

TreatsHQ does not have a Motobecane variator. He has a var plus adjustable weight push plate for a stock motobecane variator, which would do you jack squat if you just have a di-moby. Quarter Kick has them in stock from time to time, but they are sold out currently.

Re: WTB Motobecane Variator

oh, my bad john...i hadn't been on treats in awhile, i thought he had one in.

Re: WTB Motobecane Variator



50v $200 in michigan!!! you will have spares and a variator for that price!

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