wtb/gurtner carb

Looking for gurtner carb for motobecane

Re: wtb/gurtner carb

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

if you can track him down, there is a guy in Canada that used to have tons of them. his name may be sebastien. try looking up "peugeot" and "carb" or "gurtner". he had some stuff a year or two back when i owned a 102sp.

Re: wtb/gurtner carb

i probably have a spare somewhere Ill take a look

Re: wtb/gurtner carb

i can sell you one that i have.

Re: wtb/gurtner carb

Timmy Southpark /

i got one on my 1980 moby... its still on the bike but i can pull it off. email me with offer if your interested. -jimmy

Re: wtb/gurtner carb

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

I have one too, it will sell for $35 + shipping

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