**2 Vespa Engines FS**

I have 2 Vespa engines. They arent too bad. One has a variator, and the other doesnt. Can come with or without carbs.

Email for pics. PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER!!!


Re: **2 Vespa Engines FS**


i am still interested in the vespa engines. both of them.

i have 1 puch engine coming my way and until i receive

that one i can*t see buying your vespa engines.

i hate to get ripped off so i gotta wait till the other

stuff arrives before i can buy your stuff.

email me


Re: **2 Vespa Engines FS**

Leo, I will let you know. If these two sell, I think I may have 2 more.

Dont worry, something will be here!


Re: **2 Vespa Engines FS**


Re: **2 Vespa Engines FS**

I still have one left!! Please buy it!!


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