Moped parts 4 sale !!

I'm trying to sell a bunch of NOS parts for various models like Peugeot / Puch / Garelli and even some Minarelli parts.

I've been trying to sell this stuff because i don't have time or space to deal with rebuilding or listing every part on Ebay for a fee. You name it and a probably have it . I'm not asking for top dollar or trying to give the stuff away for free . I bought a moped / scooter shop out last year , mostly for the scooter parts. I know that most people on this site love their mopeds. I'm trying to sell the stuff where it belongs. I have a Ebay account under ( jddsunflower ) . I've sold a few engine restoration projects not that long ago. I basically need some help selling this stuff . Any ideas ?

Thanx for your time and sorry about the long posting.


Re: Moped parts 4 sale !!

Destructo Dave /

What do you have for Peugeot? Also, any performance parts?

Re: Moped parts 4 sale !!

If you want to throw together a box full of Garelli stuff, I'd buy it. For now I think I need a couple petcocks, a high tension coil, maybe a back wheel for a VIP, and some other stuff.

Re: Moped parts 4 sale !!

i need a couple of gas tanks for my honda nu50s a black one and a silver one. Do you have any of these?

Re: Moped parts 4 sale !!

Hey! Remember me? I bought the puch e50 project! Pleasure doing business with you! Could you email me with what you have for the puchs?


Re: Moped parts 4 sale !!

Looking for a Garelli VIP crankshaft NOS. Please E-mail me if you have one. Top dollar paid!

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