WTB QT50 or Honda Express in MA area

I'm lookin to buy a QT50 or Honda express in the MA area, preferably near Boston. Running or nearly running is better since I'm a newbie. Looks don't really matter as long as its functionally complete. I'd also be interested in other models, just nothing on the larger end. I'm small and I'd like it to weigh less than I do. Cheap is good.

Re: WTB QT50 or Honda Express in MA area

I've got a 78' Honda Express in top running condition, only 1600 miles.

Looking to get 500 for it. Tons of new parts, starts 2nd 'kick' or crank if you will :).

All new lights, battery, air filter and just recently changed the drive-train oil.

Let me know if it's something you're interested in.



Re: WTB QT50 or Honda Express in MA area

katiejames /

Thats pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, just a little higher in price than I can do. I'm sure its totally worth it, I guess realistically I'm lookin for cheaper, not cosmetically pretty but mechanically sound.....got anything crappier lying around?


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