Puch Maxi Sport with 86 miles on it

This is a 1977 Puch. It is pretty unique in that it still has the original paperwork, key and key fob so you can actually use the locking rod that is stored in the rack to lock the rear wheel and the forks with the same key. It has been stored inside for the past 30 years and is unmolested. The seat is perfect, the tires are not dry rotted and still have the nubs on them. It would look better if someone spent 1/2 a day detailing it but it does look pretty sweet as is. I cleaned the fuel system out, installed a new petcock, removed the restrictor below the intake manifold, put it all back together and it fired up on the first pedal. It was raining here today so I haven't ridden it yet but it sounds nice and idles perfectly, all the lights and horn work like they should. $650


right side

Michael Dane /

right side view. I have genuine Puch NOS tank decals for it too.


rear view

Michael Dane /



Paper work and tank decals

Michael Dane /

I also have to original plastic Puch bag this stuff came it. I don't think it had ever been opened before.


left side

Michael Dane /



key fob

Michael Dane /

Original fob


oops 85 miles

Michael Dane /

like it matters

Re: oops 85 miles

sweet bike and not a totally unrealistic price, although its more than I would spend on a bike.......

Re: Puch Maxi Sport with 86 miles on it

WOW! Mike, That bike is absolutely beautiful.


Re: left side

Nice bike, is it a 2 horse and where are you located?

Re: Puch Maxi Sport with 86 miles on it

Michael Dane /

Thanks Moe

Re: left side

Michael Dane /

It is a one horse, I am in Western Mass

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