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Hey folks,

Got a '79 Motobecane that needs two wires that are for the taillight and headlight. They are short wires that run from the flywheel to the wiring harness. If you know what the heck I'm talking about and have these wires for sale, hit me up!

Oh, I'm looking for the OEM bench seat as well.

Re: WTB:Motobecane wiring parts

mmm im not sure exactly what makes these wires special, but im pretty sure you can just replace it with stock hardware from an ace or something. no need to go buying 30 year old wires! standard lamp cord is usually a little thicker gauge than stock wiring, but the thicker the gauge the lower resistance so hey, might be a little harder to deal with but its a give/take. and its cheap. like 50 cents a foot. which is really 2 feet, cause its doubled up. i did some slight rewiring on my moby and used lamp cord works great.

Re: WTB:Motobecane wiring parts

I just dont want to put something in thats wrong. But, it looks like I'll go down this route. Lamp cord will work in it's place?

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wire is wire. just dont get something like speaker wire. get some wiring nuts and/or solder and make sure you connect the wires to the right places, and you're good to go. If you go to radioschack (or someplace better) they should have a range of wire gauges in spools that you can take from, to better match the original size. But lamp cord is only a little bigger, so I didnt mind. plus it usually only comes in black and white, but you can use different colored shrink wrap if you wanna do a real nice job. solder your connections and then put a colored shrink wrap on both ends so it protects the connection and helps you identify.

Re: WTB:Motobecane wiring parts

I got a whole harness that you can have for 15 dollars shipped email me if you want it

Re: WTB:Motobecane wiring parts

The harness is complete, see this post


If you look at the picture of the flywheel, there is a black connector with two empty sockets. There is a gray wire, which is for starting the bike. That is the hole on the far right. I have that wire.

So, just plug wire into the socket and plug it into the connector and I'm good to go?

Oh, sorry how this went way off topic, it went into repair instead of buy/sell.

Re: WTB:Motobecane wiring parts

yea just plug the right wires into the right sockets and you're good to go. are the existing wires not on the bike? if theyare, remember what they go to before you cut them, so you know what plugs into what. if they arent on the bike and youhave no reference, i dont kow hwere they go from the sockets, so you'll have to findmthat out.

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