way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

I know theres a few musicians here so I thought I would mention it.......1968 fender dual showman guitar amp, exc. condition. currently mounted in a pine cabinet with a 15" NOS utah speaker. sounds great. also have baffle for 2/12s but they are blown...85 watts of tube power is extremely powerful.

power tubes were replaced a year or so ago with a matched quad of 6L6 tubes, along with a few resistors and such that the tech thought needed replacing.I have some spares kicking around (original tubes).I also have the original head cabinet too, takes about 5 mins to put back to original, I just prefer using it as a combo.so I built a pine copy of a fender twin cabinet to carry it around in.i want $500 for it , (spent 200 having it serviced and tubes changed a year or so ago.)email me with questions. heres the CL listing....http://delaware.craigslist.org/msg/463943560.html


Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

No Verb?

Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

haha rob if it had verb wann guess what it would be called?

Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

THat looks really cool as a combo by the way Sky , but it must be a backbreaker with 4 6l6's

Do you know if it was manufactured in the first half of 68 or last?

Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

shes a heavy beast, thats why she sits in the living room corner drawing admirable comments from people in the know when they spot it...my techie says its the blackface circuit , so I am going to guess early 68...It sounds a lot warmer than my old Quadreverb, even though the quad had reverb. No boys and girls it only has tremolo, which nobody uses unless ya play beach boys stuff .

Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

yeah i was wondering if you were lucky enough to have the old blackface circuit. Cool Beans.

Throw and alesis nanoverb in front of that and your all set.

Or a tube reverb if can pay for one.

Re: way OT Fender Guitar Amp for sale

I dont really play with it much.I have a 59 champ, the dual showman, a newer small peavey, and I just bought a crate vintage club 20(all tube) ......Im trying to get away from the bigger stuff and stay with small amps that I can crank up and not piss of my neighbors..that showman sounds good , but it needs to be around 6 to be in her zone and 6 is neighbors getting pissed zone

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