WTB Tomos Parts for my 92 Bullet

Hey Everyone,

I have a 1992 Tomos Bullet and I need the following parts:

1. Pedals and the pedal arms.

2. Complete twist throttle assembly.

3. Foot rests for both sides.

4. An exhaust pipe (aftermarket or stock)

5. Both a gas cap and an oil cap.

6. one replacement front turn signal.

7. Kickstand assembly.

This should just about cover it. If you have any of the parts please email me a price with shipping included to NJ 08831. Email me at nmarzocco@aol.com as I rarely check this forum.



Re: WTB Tomos Parts for my 92 Bullet

I am still looking for:

- Pedals and Pedal Arms

- Foot Rests for Both Sides

- Exhaust

- Oil Tank Cap

- One front Replacement Turn Signal

Please email me at nmarzocco@aol.com with pictures and prices including shipping to NJ 08831.

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