WTB: PUCH Tail light

I need a tail light with a cover ASAP. I don't need anything exceptional just functional. Let me know what you want for it and I will paypal it to you.

Re: WTB: PUCH Tail light

I have this tail light. I'm not sure what it is for. It looks like a Puch but is slightly different than my Srpot MKII. It needs 2 bulbs and the screws are missing. I remember seeing 2 long silver screws in with the batch when I bought it, I'm trying to find them to see if they fit.


Re: WTB: PUCH Tail light

Here's a pic of the other side.


Re: WTB: PUCH Tail light

It is perfect. what will it cost with shipping to 95820?

Re: WTB: PUCH Tail light

Do you have the two long screws that hold the cover on, from the old one? $10 + $3 for first Class, $4.60 Priority.

Re: WTB: PUCH Tail light

No I don' t have the screws but I will figure it out. Please send me a paypal payment request. Priority Mail please.


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