Feedback For Stephen

Hi Gang,I just wanted to report that I recieved a while ago A couple of the"50cc's Anthing More Is Just showing Off" Beefy T's from Stephen and they are great.At $12.00 +s/h they are a steal and have gotten quite a few laughs,especially from my Harley buddies. Steve shipped them fast as well. Thanks Steve...David

Feedback For Stephen

And where might one be able to view these shirts and order them?

Re: Feedback For Stephen

Hi Bry,I thought sure that Steve would have responded to this post by now,but alas he hasn't. If you will email me youe email address at I'll be happy to take out the digital and attach a picture.I'll also give you steve's contact info. I just had a couple of shirts sent to a friend I met here on MA for him and his daughter and they love them as well..David

Consider it payback for the luggage rack you sent me for free which not makes an awsome sissybar for my Targa..Thanks..David

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