Puch parts wanted to finish sexy project bike

looking for stock parts:

1. carb

2. double ended throtttle cable

3. exhaust

4. round style airbox

5. side cover screws (6 short)

6. under seat toolbag

7. pump

8. piece of rubber from kromags that goes under the tank

9. replacement sidecover stickers

10. mirror

11. throttle grip rubber

12. headset bearings

13. kickstand spring

14. left pedal

Bump #1

6, 7, & 9 will take awhile, I understand. But I know you guys have the other shit lying around.

Re: Bump #1

I've got a few carbs that could use a cleaning. Email if interested.

Re: Bump #1

Frederick vdL /

I think I have (pretty much) everyting...

All new then, so more pricy but hey... let me know.




Re: Bump #1

mopedmaniac, you have email.

Fred, much to my bike's dissmay, I cannot afford new parts from overseas at this time.

Re: Puch parts wanted to finish sexy project bike

If you think mopeds are sexy, does that make you a pedophile?

Bump #2

I have a lead on the pipe and 2 on the carb. still need everything else.

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