F/S: Metra 80cc + Goodies

80cc Metra-Kit cylinder, head, piston, rings, gaskets, circllips, pointless spring, stock intake for 80cc (worthless)

21mm intake made by a Moped Army member CharlieH

21mm Dellorto PHBG rubber mount with cable choke

All items new & unused in box. I fantasized about building a monster 80cc motor. A cylinder so big it makes any stock look like a toy. I realize now that I don't have the time to do this, no matter how awesome it would be. Too many project bikes! : ( All these items new cost me $350 or so. I'm looking to get $300 shipped to your door. Winter is coming, come on guys, have a little fun.

Re: F/S: Metra 80cc + Goodies

any project bikes happen to be up for grabs?

Re: F/S: Metra 80cc + Goodies

email me about this the kit and carb and stuff


Re: F/S: Metra 80cc + Goodies

e-mail sent

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