WTB:any runner near columbus

i sold my maxi a few weeks ago and i have the fever again!

i'm looking for anything within reasonable distance from columbus up to $350, and i'd like to come pick it up this afternoon or friday afternoon.

if anyone knows of anything, any information is greatly appreciated.


Re: WTB:any runner near columbus

Bianchi Bianchimatic! A moped of redundancy and repetitiveness!

The Good: Piston port Franco Morini. Runs well, it had a 14:9 intake and carb, now sporting a 14mm intake and Dellorto 14:14, and cruises about 32mph. Paint is in good condition, stickers are a bit flaky, bu there, there are a few scrapes, but not real dents, the paint is super shiny, looks good when waxed. The chrome is in great shape, no pitting. The tank is clean with no rust. All lights and horn work! BEEP BEEP Awesome after market pedals.

The bad: The seat cover has exploded since this picture. All the pieces are there, it just came apart at the seams. Have you mom sew it back together or take it to a cobbler (shoe repair guy) and he will toss it back together for $15. The speedometer needs a new cable, or you can just be content to know that when you are going WOT you are going 30mph. The rear brake cable needs replaced, but if you just want to ride, it could be re-adjusted. No kickstand, so it has to be leaned or parked in a bike rack. The OFF / ON switch is wired backwards, so OFF means ON and ON means OFF, but come on guys, that’s an anti theft feature if I ever saw one.

Looking for $250.

Located in Anderson, IN

Re: WTB:any runner near columbus

email sent

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