PA50 II parts wanted!

Catherine Anderson /

Good afternoon.

I am looking for the following parts for a Honda 1982 PA50II.

Cable, Front. Brake 45450-148-671 or

Cable, Fr. Brake 45450-148-672

Cable, Speedometer 44830-148-670 or

Cable, Speedometer 44830-148-671 Also loooking for these but not as desperately...

bulb (6V5W)(5006) 34905-383-611 main bulb

Bulb (6V10W) (5001) 34905-148-790 signal light....blinker bulb

Front and rear tires are 2.25 - 17 with a 2.50 - 17 tube in it.

Thank you

C Anderson

PA50 II parts wanted!

Raymond Rexroad /


I just ordered and received a new front cable.

I have a speedometer cable coming from Europe - if it proves to be the correct one, I'll pass along the info.

Tires - I bought a pair, with tubes on ebay for less than $50.

Re: PA50 II parts wanted!


I bought the bulbs at Canadian Tire. I did not go with getting a replacement headlight instead i bought a "sealed tractor beam" from again canadian tire (22 $) and stuck that in as a head light. It fits but you need ot jury rig it into place.

Do you need front and back tires? I "might" be able to help you out with tires ... but not hte tubes.

For the brake cables they tend to be pretty rare you could try jury rigging a new one on to it.

I have the same model as you (one with the blinkers) I'm missing the battery cover Grrr (those are rarer then hens teeth to find).



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