1993 Tomos Step Thru

1993 Tomos Sprint (not called a sprint back then, but thats what its like) in excellent condition. Has a Dellorto 15.15 performance carb and a Bullet performance exhaust. Tops out around 43 mph. In excellent condition, well taken care of. Fluids changed every season. Has 377 original miles. Speedo cable popped off over a bump this summer. It reads 367, and i put about 10 more miles on it, so it needs a speedo cable. Title in hand. Email exit98surf@msn.com to see it. $450


Re: 1993 Tomos Step Thru

pic 2


Sorry... it's in NJ


Re: Sorry... it's in NJ

would you take 300

Re: 1993 Tomos Step Thru

Where are you at in NJ ?

Re: Sorry... it's in NJ

i think it was sold on e bay a couple week ago.

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