puch parts

austro diamler 1 speed engine needs top end and some other work has electronic ignition off korado

maxi 1 speed engine did run when pulled off dont know now no carb

14mm bing carb

16 inch 5 star mags off austro diamler

also a few other bits and pieces

im willing to do some trades i need 1979 honda z50 parts

Re: puch parts

how much for the maxi engine? and the austro diamler, how much and what kind of work does it need besides th top end?

Re: puch parts

I'll take the bing. What shape and how much?

Re: puch parts

il sell both for $50 the austro diamler engines covers are off clutch is apart but it has new crank bearings and seals i put in

Re: puch parts

the 14 bing is in good shape it came off a korado nothing wrong with it other than it might need a cleaning cause its been sitting around for a wile $20 plus shipping

im going to look through my parts cause i might have the intake to go with it

Re: puch parts

how much for the Austro daimler motor? interested. i'll email you.

Re: puch parts

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

If 44Mag doesn't get the bing, I'd love to have it.

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