1977 Hardtail for sale $500

Motobecane 40T low mileage like new.

Re: 1977 Hardtail for sale $500

Where are you located?

Re: 1977 Hardtail for sale $500


Re: 1977 Hardtail for sale $500

i am very interested in your mobylette. I live in long island and have being a rabid puch fan for years, but could never deny the stylish difference between the motobecanes and the puchs. So i have being looking for a clean one to get. tell me is that a A class moped? i saw your site but can't tell if it has a variator or not. i would come to pick it up. i can get to bridgeport with the ferry easily than driving around 3 1/2 hrs. would you be willing to bring it to bridgeport (for a fee of course) to make it easier? i would go on foot and then bring it back with me and ride it home ( nice maiden voyage). Also i know of a guy who owns a BRAND NEW, 0 miles Mobylette (not the one that was selling for 6000!!! on ebay...) he might want to sell it for maybe 2k or 1500... good deal but too much for me. Plus is a piece i would not want to ride since it is new...

let me know...


Re: 1977 Hardtail for sale $500

check E-mail Gabe

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