WTB: Puch piston rings!

I need a set of 2 of the 2mm FG style piston rings for a standard bore 38.00mm piston, and I need 'em bad. I can't wait for 1977 mopeds to ships them/can't afford to pay $10 shipping for a couple of piston rings. I also emailed TreatsHQ, and he hasn't replied yet. I need these rings get my bike up and running and restore balance to my life!

Re: WTB: Puch piston rings!


Re: WTB: Puch piston rings!

try myrons mopeds in CA, he really gets stuff to you fast. Tom

Re: WTB: Puch piston rings!

Frederick vdL /

Well I guess I won't be of much help with my shipping from all the way from Holland.

But I have pistons (the 38.00mm ones you need) for like 9 or 12 dollars. piston rings included.

Just letting you know that if you really can't get anything I have what you need...

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