FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50

Needs a carb which I might be able to piece one together from parts.

Needs plug cap

Brakes work. I believe the lights work too.

It will run, but I think the motor had bearing noise if my memory serves me correctly.

I also remember it didn't go very fast when I had it running. Not sure what that issue is.

Located in Bowie, Md. Will not ship or part out.



Re: FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50


Re: FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50

Where was this when I was down in MD ??

Re: FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50

I need to make some room. I just decided to get rid of it earlier this month.

Gotta clean up the junk in my backyard.

Sorry you missed it. Too bad too I just had some friends that went up to South Haven, and could have met you somewhere.

Re: FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50

Small world sometimes. Where in MD is Bowie? I have a daughter in Germantown.

Re: FS: 1976 Gloria Intramotor $50

Germantown is north of DC. I'm about 50 minutes SE.

Bowie is located between DC and Annapolis.

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