WTB: Sachs tools & manual

I'm looking to buy some sachs tools. I have a 505/1 engine and the place I was going to purchace them new from turned out to be a little more than I expected. So, I'm just wondering if anyone has any that they would be willing to sell.

What I need is...

1 holding tool for clutch

1 puller for magneto flywheel

1 puller for scrocket

1 repair/service manual for a Sachs 505/1 engine

Let me know and thank you!

Re: WTB: Sachs tools & manual

amanda im might be able to come across a whole 505/1 for ya

Re: WTB: Sachs tools & manual

i have a crusty old manual for the 504, cluch part should be the same. It kinda hard to read, but its the only one ive found

Re: WTB: Sachs tools & manual

Well, I found out the problem isn't in the clutch, so I can get a manual somewhere for a 505/1 from bj at handy bikes. But thankyou very much.

If you do have a while engine that would be awesome. I was talking with someone about one but he didn't know anything about it or even if it ran. So, I decided it was best for me not to take my chances with it since he didn't know if it ran or even if there was anything wrong with it. But, the cool thing was it included a carb. Which by the way, can we still make that carb switch?

decided to buy but looking for parts

For anyone else who reads this...

I am getting a little help with the $ to buy the tools brand new. Since I've been making large payments on my bills to try to get completely and utterly out of debt (YES!!!) I've had very little money to put toward these things. But, since I'll be able to get them brand new now I don't need to buy them here.

However, if any one has any extra sachs parts I'd love to here what you have for sale.


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