trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

up for trade is my 78 maxi 2speed.

here are the specs:

- polini with 1k-ish miles

- high comp head

- 15mm bing

- estoril pipe

- 18x40 gearing

the picture is kind of old; the black head has been replaced with with the 50cc high comp head, the 1.5 seat is now a brand new 2 person seat, and the black magneto cover is the chrome e50 one. the snowflakes have been replaced with spoke wheels with mc11 slicks. i also swapped out the original stickers with the gold stickers found on the maroon/brown puchs. i would say that it looks 43.17% hotter now than it does in the photo.

the switches (lights, horn, kill switch all work), side covers are all original. it's even got the tire pump and tools. cosmetically, it's just about a 10/10 -- no rust, chips or dents and cosmetically it's one of the nicest maxis in sf (probably). a bunch of creatures can vouch for its speed (supposedly it won an uphill race over the weekend that i did not attend). it's never broken down on me, ever.

this bike is pretty flossin' and gets me hella chicks so i'm looking for an equally blinging tomos in return. the newer the better. i'm also open to rare/wacky french bikes.

e-mail me if interested.


Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

email sent

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

are you coming to red October?......where were you when I was trying to trade my tomos

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Now why in the hell would you trade this beautiful bike for some tomos crap?

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

dude HAI ARE YOU BACK? i still have your frikkin parts man. i sent them to the return address on the parts you sent me and the box got sent back!

email me! i have tried emailing you. i guess you were in japan this whole time? crazy.

p.s. dude dont trade that bike for a tomos its soooo sexy.

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

hey harold,

yeah i got back just 2 days ago. i couldn't get all that stuff sorted out so apologies for the confusion. i guess i won't be needing that magneto cover any more, heh heh.

i'm getting into some crazy biker buildoff action with a machinist and i feel like the sky is the limit when you're working with a new tomos. it's not like i've tapped the full potential of the za50, but well, a 30 year old bike is always gonna be a 30 year old bike. and it should look like a 30 year old bike, i just don't wanna be the one to do it. i got so paranoid every time i hit a pebble in the road that it's gonna chip the paint.

i got 2 other really nice maxis anyway, hah.

i got inspired by what you did with the madass. maxis are everywhere. i'm trading my street cred for utility.

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

is that a no on red October, look at my profile I was trying trade my toptank a few months back with no great offers. if you get a hold of me we might be able to work something out as far as a trade I have 3 tomos peds I won the no rules race at bbq13 on the top-tank. I don't know how you feel about motorcycles but I have a 1991 honda hawk gt 650. I would like to get rid of. it is mainly a track bike though. it tops out about 145mph. just throwing that out there! dont know if you would be interested.

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

man, thats a nice bike....i'd keep it and go wild. maxi's are like hondas. you can put 4 million miles on em and mod the crap out of it, and it will still run!

Re: trading: puch maxi 2speed for tomos

i got a decent moby 50v if you're interested in it plus some cash. pic of it is on my profile - let me know.

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