WTB - Peugeot 102/103 flywheel

Gah, yeah... I know Eric has some of these, need to figure out what people want for one, I know a new magneto/flywheel from handybikes is 90bucks, and while that's an awesome price, I'm looking to get it fixed for a bit less, as my new coffee shop job hasn't paid off all the bills quite yet. Post/email me what you'd want for one, I only need the flywheel, but I'll buy the combo for parts if need be.

And I'll be getting CDI someday.

For the moment I have it sorta working, but I know it'll slip again someday, so I want a fresh one. Preferably from a bike that Didn't have slippery flywheel issues >.>;.

Also, if anyone knows a good place for CDI, and think I could get it over here for under a hundred, lemee know.


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