WTB: Maxi parts

Looking for a throttle and front brake cable as well as a petcock.

Re: WTB: Maxi parts

never mind. ordered it already.

Re: WTB: Maxi parts

I have the front brake cable if that helps, 12 bucks shipped. like new. Tom

Re: WTB: Maxi parts

Frederick vdL /

I have braking cables too...

3.50$, not shipped. You would need to order more to make it worth the shipping all the way from here, Holland.

Lowerst shipping is 31 dollars; 0-2kg's.


Re: WTB: Maxi parts

I have a new throttle cable new in pack, and a good used front brake cable for a maxi. 22$ shipped. drop me an email if interested. look under verified user. Tom

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