For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

Kevin Gebo /

So, after fixing this thing up and doing all this work, my throttle cable breaks for the second time, and the muffler falls off. I dont have the time or the mental energy for this.

The bike is complete except the following:

Throttle Cable.

Left side faring that covers the carb.

You will need to...

Hook up the choke cable.

Put the muffler back on.


The bike has a brand new...

Fuel Valve.

Fuel Line.

Fuel Filter.

Float Needle.

Muffler (although it fell off, so you might need to adjust [hammer] the part that attaches to the bike)

660 Miles on it. Runs well when the throttle is hooked up. I have an extra carb as well. Pictures to follow, my camera battery is charging as we speak.

350$ OBRO

Located in Easthampton MA, I have a pickup, so I will deliver it anywhere within an hour or so if you pay for gas.

My profile picture has a crappy camera phone shot of the bike.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

If you part it out, I need a set of side panels. Email me if you're interested in parting them out.

thanks man.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

I wish I lived out there :[

Sachs G3 mopeds are just as good, if not better than a Puch Magnum, but that's in my opinion.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

Don't you dare part that out. I would buy it myself but I'm trying to save up some money and thin my hurd.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

i remember sending you an email when this thread was fresh. but never got a response back.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

Probably because your from Illinois.

Re: For Sale - 1979 Sachs G3

i like it dude. how far away is easthampton from portsmouth, nh? Throttle cable i can do... muffler i can do granted its not bent/broken or anything? Choke cable i can do if you say it needs it... what carb/intake does it have on it? email me

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