U.K Puch speed kit

Hi, i really want a speed kit for my Puch Maxi but i live in the U.K. Does anyone know anyone here that sells them or maybe someone who is willling to sell and post me one??? Many thanks to all, Ben

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Hey Ben

Fred seller puch parts and live over in netherland. He does have some cool stuff. I cant remember he web site thou.

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that's it

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Timmy Southpark /


awesome place, use advanced search for even more interesting parts.


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Frederick vdL /


I have plenty kits available. Exhausts, carbs and other tuning parts too. Chech my forum-site which lists (most) of my parts.


Shipping is no problem. I ship to the US extremely often. Shipping is faster to the UK as far as I have been informed, cheaper too.

Let me know.


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