FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

Before Hitting Ebay or storing this for the winter, or, jamming a big ol pipe on it and a kit, ill park this here for a couple of days to see if this has any local interest.

78 Maxi Sport II, 2 hp , 2 speed, Fantasitic shape. Original keys, Lock works. Original Manual. Paperwork.

Up until me, a one owner ped. Owned by a same woman since 78, always kept up and serviced.

Paint is awesome. Tank is good. Stored in dry shed. 2k miles. Looks stunning. Snowflakes are in great shape.

I took the head off, dropped the muffler, cleaned out the carbon - this had been done before, it took nothing but carb cleaner and a paper towel. Replaced the spark plug. Replaced the fuel line. Replaced the float bowl gasket and the float needle ( it didnt need it, i just did it while i was cleaning the carb, which it also didnt really need LOL )

I put 2 new ZAP IRC tires on it, they were an unholy bitch to get on those skinny rims but once on they are worth every cent, handles fantastic. Chain adjusted , all brakes adjusted ( Plenty left )

Drained tranny fluid and replaced it. It wasnt dirty.

Bike shifts fine.

Seat and chrome are awesome. Bike runs very well, pulls fine. Would be a great candidate for a kit and a pipe, or for someone that wanted to leave it bone stock and just ride it.

I personally think this bike would be difficult to find in this shape. Its not a barn find, its a documented specimen thats been gone through and runs fantastic.

Email me if you have questions or interest, im entertaining offers.


Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

Oh yeah, pics taken before i put the tires on, so it doesnet look that cool in those. More pics avai if people want em, but id prefer people that are interested come and look at this in person, it shows better that way!

Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

live in nh, what are you asking?

Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

Email me. less than it would go for on ebay, probably more than most people are willing to part with unless the saw the bike in person LOL

COST???Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

HELLO, i AM SEEKING ANOTHER PUCH. Can you tell me the highest offer or a reserve price on the moped? Im not real knowledgeable of prices. Thanks, Angie

Re: COST???Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

Dave Peterson /


If you don't want to travel, I know of a Puch for sale in the Burlington area. Skipjaz

Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

email sent

Re: FS PUCH Maxi Sport II in Mass

Sorry this thread had been dead and i though was gone.

that maxi is in cold dry storage. Its dead mint nice. It will take a very fair sum to pry it from my hands, best wait till spring.

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