wtb: 83 Garelli Super Sport XL parts

I am looking for the following parts for this Garelli. I would like to restore it to stock new looking. Here is a list of the items i need, waiting to hear back from a few members of this forum who have a few of the parts listed.

Total list:

New rims(brakes included), and tires.

Shroud below seat in Black with nice looking decal.

Chain guards in black. ( I have these but they are ruff-could repaint)

Tank in black with nice looking decal.

Shiny Handle bars.

The part that attaches to the tabs on the front of frame.

Nice looking seat.

Mint front chrome fender.

That may be a dream list, but thought I would see what is out there. If you have the body parts in a different color, that will work too - since the frame is black. I could put on a red, green, or whatever color gas tank, shroud, and chain guards. Then it would be 2 tone in color. Let me know what you have, pictures would be good.

Thanks, tom

Re: wtb: 83 Garelli Super Sport XL parts

Anything out there?

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