Selling a 1977 Negrini

Asking 120 for it.

I bought it off a guy and barely rode it

I live in Middlesex, for details

Re: Selling a 1977 Negrini

Did you gus fix the exhaust on it? I remember that it ran pretty well.

Re: Selling a 1977 Negrini

Do you have pictures? Does it have a title? I'm im New Brunswick NJ

Re: Selling a 1977 Negrini

How many miles does the moped have?

I am looking for a moped to drive to an from work.

I work in Middlesex, NJ about three miles from where I live.

I am looking to purchase a used moped for the commute that will last at least two years.

If you can send me a picture and explain in detail of your moped, I would very much appreciate it.

09/24/2007 Monday at 1:28PM

Re: Selling a 1977 Negrini

I also live in Middlesex. can you provide photo, and model please?

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