Wanted: honda PA 50 parts

Needed for: Honda PA 50 II, 1980 model year

-new rear brake pads

- right mirror (looks over drivers left shoulder)

- pedal cranks, with or without pedals

- rear tire, new?

please let me know if you have these, how much you are asking and an estimate on shipping to zip code 13210.



Re: Wanted: honda PA 50 parts

Jesse, I will have these parts this weekend. Email if you are intersted


Re: Wanted: honda PA 50 parts


I have a new set of brake shoes I had for a PA50-ll that I used to have.

I don't recall if they're for the front or rear or if they're interchangeable the part number on the bag is; 06430-131-405. If they'll work for you, I'll box 'em and ship 'em for $25.00. Let me know if you're interested.


PS: I've got some other misc. parts that I'll post with pics this week-end. Thanks.

Re: Wanted: honda PA 50 parts


Just checked and the shoes I have are definately for a PA50-ll. The PA-50 uses a different part for their brakes.


Re: Wanted: honda PA 50 parts

thanks for the email,

the part number doesnt match the ones i have. must be for the front? i need the rears. Thanks though! be interested in your other parts though.

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